A wide sea of eyes…

A list of things I want in my next relationship

Two: A sense of humour

There is nothing more attractive that a guy who is funny.  Seriously.  It’s easy to overlook a bit of weight or receding hair if the dude makes me laugh.  Take Kevin James for example (Yes, the Mall Cop, the King of Queens, that’s the one).  He is sweet and funny and that is damn cute.


Adorable right?

When I looked for a picture of this guy I had a hard time finding one in which he wasn’t smiling.  I have a thing for teeth too but there’ll be more on that later…

There are different kinds of humour like there are different kinds of intelligence.  Check out this article


I don’t like a guy who finds humour at the expense of others – the prankster, someone who puts down others, sarcastic and mocking humour which is more popular in the media these days.  You can be funny without being nasty.

And I don’t like clichés or corny – how boring!   I want to scream, “Get some new material already!”

I do like a dash of silly, a bit of self-deprecation, some irony and a great story.  My humour is very situational – in the moment.  I like stupid comedies – done well.  I love witty one liners – a joke that catches me by surprise.

I believe that you can be the owner of more than one type of humour.  I am looking for that comedy cocktail that will keep things fresh and hilarious.

Although I am not about to hit the comedy circuit myself, I do make it a point to make someone laugh everyday.  So I want to be in a relationship where our sense of humour completely gels.

When we are old, fat and too tired to get off the front porch, I want to be able to laugh until our teeth fall out.  Then laugh harder because…well…our teeth fell out!


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