A wide sea of eyes…

A list of things I want in my next relationship

Four: Trust

Trust – It makes me sad to write this post because it forces me to remove my rose-coloured glasses and take a good look around.  When I do that, I see a lot of assholes.  Why would I want to see those guys everywhere?

I had a real pair of rose-coloured glasses, Janis Joplin style, as a ten-year old that I wore with a poncho and flared jeans. I thought the world was a very cool place in those days.

I love looking at the world through my “rose coloured’ glasses.  I like to see the good in others, even the ones who have done me some wrong.  I suppose I give people too many chances and wait too long to recognize that someone doesn’t deserve my trust.  I know that I am too naive.  I know that I shouldn’t always take what people say at face value.

I could be a little less trusting…

Trust does have to be balanced with some street smarts so that I don’t end up in a nasty van with an axe murderer.

I may be a little too trusting, and I need to be more careful about who I put my faith in, but I actually like that about myself.  I like seeing the good in others, I really do!

I am going to buy myself an adult pair of rose-coloured glasses this week and I am going to wear them happily.  That will be a little gift to myself, a visual reminder that the world is a good place and there are still lots of truly trustworthy folk in it.

Eventually I will meet a person worthy of my trust no matter what lenses I am looking through.


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