A wide sea of eyes…

A list of things I want in my next relationship

Five: Communication


I am picturing my future self sitting on the front porch with my partner.  We are both very old.  Our children are grown and no longer live under our roof.  They are in happy relationships of their own, living good lives, have found satisfying careers, have maintained great friendships, and are giving us the cutest grandchildren EVER!

In this snapshot of my future I am talking with my guy.  We have spent years talking to each other and still think that spending time in intimate conversation is one of our favourite things to do together.

I don’t know what we are talking about because the subject doesn’t matter.  It’s just nice to share our unique perspectives on the world.  We have told each other our darkest most innermost thoughts over the years and know that we can say anything to each other.  We have shared things that no one else knows, and have protected each other’s secrets.

We’ve had our share of disagreements as all couples do.  But we are the type of people who respect each other in our arguments.  We know the boundaries and do not cross those hurtful, destructive lines.  At least we try not too.  Sometimes we make mistakes and say the wrong thing.  But it doesn’t take much for us to apologize and fix what we broke.

Our talks make us feel good, make us better people, help us to feel loved and valued.  We know that few people have that kind of connection and that we are so very lucky to have someone to talk to.  Our children model with their partners this same intimate pattern of communicating.

In a wide sea of eyes, there is one pair into which I can see understanding, respect and admiration.  Sometimes a look is all that is needed to communicate that we are loved.


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