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A list of things I want in my next relationship

Eight: A Yes-Man

Why be in a relationship unless you are doing things together that you enjoy?  I don’t understand people who are fun spoilers, the speed bumps on the road to good times.

Being in a relationship should be fun.  Everyone has a different idea about what fun is and that’s okay.  But if the person you are with is constantly coming up with reasons to say no to what you want to do then it’s time to ask yourself, “Why am I with such a Negative Nancy/Ned?”  

Life should be easier.  It shouldn’t be that hard to have a good time.  Being in a couple should be about making life better, smoother, and a lot more fun.

I’m not talking about taking huge out of character risks.  No one is saying you have to sky dive or bungee jump to have a good time.  How hard is it to say yes to a movie, a concert, a walk or a dinner party?  It’s even more fun to say yes to a trip, a mountain hike, or a roller coaster, but to each his own.

It’s about having an attitude of willingness.  Showing some positivity.  Getting your ass off the couch, looking your partner in the eye and making a plan to do something you both enjoy…together.

This is fun couple vocabulary:

Do you want to live a fun-filled life full of everyday adventures, joy and happiness? Then try saying “YES!”  It’s really not that hard.


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One thought on “Eight: A Yes-Man

  1. LOL I wrote a letter on my blog today, “Dear ladies who date duchebags” Yours matches up wonderfully. Great post.


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